Business Valuations: To Grow or Sell a Manufacturing Company

I use my valuation knowledge and investment banking experience to help business owners understand the value of their company in order to make the decision to either grow their business or prepare to sell the company. Have you ever wondered what you could sell your company for today? Have you considered selling your business and doing something different or even retiring? These are questions every business owner ponders as they lay awake at night. 

I believe that when you know what your company is worth you are better able to make the decision to stay and grow or sell and move on. Part of selling your company has to do with the dollar amount, what will I get for my company after taxes and transaction fees, but the other part has to do with changing your lifestyle, making sure your key employees are well taken care of and finding the right buyer. 

On the other hand, what if your company is not worth millions of dollars....yet...then what? How do you grow the company to the next level of revenue or earnings, to make it more attractive to potential buyers?

This is where a holistic approach to valuation, business planning and investment banking helps an owner strategically consider all of their options. Most of the time that process begins with a business valuation and establishing where the value is today, as well as where the value could be in the future. 

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