What is Divorce Mediation?

People want to get divorced in a way that preserves their wealth, provides a nice lifestyle for two separate households and maybe even protects their kids. If you want to have a bit more control over your future and not leave it up to a judge, you have options.

You are Getting Divorced. Now What?

Most people are not sure, so whether you hire an attorney or work with a mediator, or even decide to do collaborative divorce, the first documents you will need to create with your attorney or a financial expert will be the statement of property and the statement of income and expenses.

How to Work with a Valuation Expert Witness in a Divorce Matter

Some simple questions you can ask your client are in reference to profitability, is the company making money or profitable? Has the revenue stayed the same as the past couple years or is it significantly different, either up or down? Does the owner receive a salary from the company or possibly distributions? You can also ask whether the company is a start-up or if there are any trademarks, patents or proprietary systems.