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Strategic Planning and Litigation

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We are a full-service business valuation company in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer valuation expert services for purposes of strategic planning, litigation, estate planning as well as mergers and acquisitions.

We provide consulting and valuation services to assist individuals or partners in the middle of contemplating the sale of their business. We can also analyze the after-tax cash flow from the sale. We do this through in-person or online meetings.

Usually in these situations we can provide the analysis and valuation in spreadsheets or exhibits and present the information to the group which may eliminate the need to produce a report, which is more cost-effective. We have secure online portals for all parties to upload confidential information and all individuals involved will have login access to the info.

Our litigation support services and expert witness testimony is used in marital dissolution, partner disputes, commercial litigation, business interruption claims, personal damage calculations, lost profits and personal injury.

We have participated in fraud investigations for various privately-held companies, government entities and municipalities. We prepare our company valuations and support our conclusions with effective financial schedules and reports for use in deposition and trial.


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We specialize in strategic planning, whether you are want to consider the sale of your business, or you are going through a divorce and need to understand the value of your business. We can assist you with comprehensive financial analysis or a formal report.

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What is the Valuation Process?

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Our Practice

Establishing the value of a business or its underlying assets is a complex process. It requires a review of the business from an operational, financial, industry and economic perspective.

Ultimately, it’s the appraiser’s experience that allows them to gather this data and provide a defendable conclusion of value with supporting schedules and/or a valuation report. So choosing the right appraiser is essential.


“Strive not to be a success,

but rather to be of value.”

— Albert Einstein