Business Valuation Companies St. Louis: Do I Need a Real Estate Appraisal or Valuation Expert?

Business Valuation Companies St. Louis: Do I Need a Real Estate Appraisal or Business Valuation Expert? There are times when you may need a real estate appraisal expert in addition to a company valuation expert.

Small business owners always have questions about company valuation issues: one of the main questions is "when do I need a real estate appraisal?" When you have hired a business valuation company to value your firm, there are times when you also need a real estate appraisal, which is an additional cost not usually included in a business valuation. 

If there are assets such as buildings, land, heavy equipment or intangible assets which are worth more than what is reported on the financials, then you may need a real estate or real property appraisal. The real issue is whether the majority of the value is in the cash flow derived from using those assets or in the actual value of the assets. 

For example if you earn significant revenues from the assets then you may not need a real estate appraisal. If your valuation expert is valuing the company from an "Asset Approach" then you will probably need a real estate appraisal. 

Usually a business valuation expert will know at the beginning of the project if the additional appraisal is needed. Most of the time an expert will specialize in either real estate, real property or business valuations -- so you will need to find the right expert for your needs. 

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