Alimony Guidelines and Spousal Support Calculators for Divorce Proceedings in Missouri

Many attorneys and business owners want to know about alimony guidelines or spousal support issues regarding a divorce in Missouri: What happens after you file divorce papers? Is there a way to determine alimony with a spousal support calculator online?

Filing for Divorce: CPA or Company Valuation Expert in Divorce Court - St. Louis

If you own a business and are getting divorced you may consider your current CPA to value your business. Here are some questions to ask!

Missouri Divorce Services: What are Maintenance (Alimony) Calculations?

Business owners are always asking us questions about valuation issues in the context of divorce. Many attorneys and business owners want to know about secondary valuation services and what are maintenance calculations? 

In the divorce litigation world, attorneys will talk about maintenance, which is the same as alimony or spousal financial support. It is the payment from one spouse to another for household expenses. 

There are times when one spouse is the primary wage earner and the other has taken care of the house and kids. When a legal separation is requested or divorce papers are filed there may be a need for alimony to temporarily support the non-wage earning spouse until the lawyers work out a deal or the parties go to court. This amount is usually part of a bigger negotiation regarding the separation of assets, including who get the house, cars, investment accounts as well as child support. 

Many times an attorney will hire a divorce valuation expert to calculate the after tax amounts that each spouse will have -- basically what is the money that is left over after taxes -- given different situations of alimony and child support.  

Sometimes the working spouse wants to pay off the amount in one payment, so there is a present value calculation to determine the value of all the payments if they were paid in one lump-sum today. 

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