Business Valuation + Litigation

We are a full-service business valuation company in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer valuation expert services for purposes of litigation, estate planning as well as mergers and acquisitions. Our litigation support services and expert witness testimony is used in marital dissolution, partner disputes, commercial litigation, business interruption claims, personal damage calculations, lost profits and personal injury. Our experts have participated in fraud investigations for various privately-held companies, government entities and municipalities. We prepare our company valuations and support our conclusions with effective financial schedules and reports for use in deposition and trial. 

Family Law Expert Services

Valuation, Tax and Cash Flow Analysis for Settlement Purposes & Trial

We provide consulting and financial analysis to assist individuals, and their attorneys, in the middle of a divorce. We specialize in valuation services when divorcing parties own any marital or separate business interests. We can also analyze the various assets owned by the parties, show settlement scenarios and provide expert experience in valuation and financial matters. We do this through in-person or online meetings and calculate the scenarios during the meeting.

When we are hired by both parties and attorneys, we will institute strict communication protocols which allow everyone to be aware of the communication between our experts and the clients or attorneys. This is the only way we can make sure each party can speak their opinions on the matter and be assured there are no private conversations between one party and the expert. We also have secure online portals for all parties to upload confidential information. All individuals involved in the matter would have login access to the info.

Usually in these situations we can provide the cash flow analysis and valuation in spreadsheets or financial exhibits. We present the information to the group which may eliminate the need to produce a report and is more cost-effective for the divorcing couple.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Valuation Services

Valuation, Tax and Cash Flow Analysis for Sale Purposes

We provide consulting and valuation services to assist individuals or partners in the middle of contemplating the sale of their business. We can also analyze the after-tax cash flow from the sale. We do this through in-person or online meetings.

Usually in these situations we can provide the analysis and valuation in spreadsheets or exhibits and present the information to the group which may eliminate the need to produce a report, which is more cost-effective. We have secure online portals for all parties to upload confidential information and all individuals involved will have login access to the info.

When a business owner is contemplating divorce there are several issues to consider:

  • Was the business owned prior to the marriage?

  • Are there other separate or marital assets?

  • Will there be maintenance or alimony payments?

  • What is the after-tax cash flow for each party after alimony and child support?

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There are many times a business owner may need a valuation, here are a few which occur around the buying and selling of a business:

  • Selling a portion of your business to an outside investor

  • Selling all of your business to a supplier, vendor, distributor or current partner

  • Gifting a portion of your business to a family member

  • Buying another business

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Establishing the value of a business or its underlying assets is a complex process. It requires a multi-dimensional examination of the business including a thorough analysis of operational, financial, industry and economic data. Ultimately, it’s the appraiser’s experience that allows them to gather this data and provide a defendable conclusion of value with supporting schedules and/or a valuation report. So choosing the right appraiser is essential.

Understand the Value of Your Company and Strategically Decide to Sell

We use our valuation knowledge and investment banking experience to help business owners understand the value of their company in order to make the decision to either grow their business or prepare to sell the company.

Have you ever wondered what you could sell your company for today?

Have you considered selling your business and doing something different or even retiring? These are questions every business owner ponders as they lay awake at night.

I believe that when you know what your company is worth you are better able to make the decision to stay and grow or sell and move on. Part of selling your company has to do with the dollar amount, what will I get for my company after taxes and transaction fees, but the other part has to do with changing your lifestyle, making sure your key employees are well taken care of and finding the right buyer.

On the other hand, what if your company is not worth millions of dollars....yet...then what? How do you grow the company to the next level of revenue or earnings, to make it more attractive to potential buyers?

This is where a holistic approach to valuation, business planning and investment banking helps an owner strategically consider all of their options. Most of the time that process begins with a business valuation and establishing where the value is today, as well as where the value could be in the future.

Our Experts Won't Merely Scan the Ledgers

They’ll actually take the time to get to know you and to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your company and combine it with their experience and knowledge of the industry, economic issues and market transactions before arriving at a conclusion.

So whether you’re seeking valuation for financial or tax reporting, personal or business planning, or for purposes of litigation, you owe it to yourself to get the most thorough and accurate valuation possible from people you can trust to provide an objective—and supportable—opinion.

Expert Testimony Experience

We have experience providing expert witness testimony in matters related to business valuations, divorce litigation involving maintenance or separate assets, commercial damages, shareholder disputes, personal injury wage loss, and other topics in litigation cases in the following court systems:

  • United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri

  • United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois

  • Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, Missouri

  • Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri

  • Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois

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